Law Of Attraction Ex Boyfriend Success Guide

Law Of Attraction Ex Boyfriend Success Guide

Check Out The Above Success Stories From Woman Who Have Managed To Get Back Together With Their Ex’s

There are women all over the world that are managing to use the power of the universe and law of attraction techniques to get back together with their men.

This is mostly all down to one fantastic new book with a new and incredibly powerful manifesting technique. But I will introduce you to that shortly.

How To Get Your Boyfriend Back:

If you strip away all the intense feelings and emotions right now, and the very active brain momentum, you will soon see that getting back together with him is quite a simple process.

Right now your mind is going a million miles an hour, and your emotions that you’re experiencing have the force of a tornado.

I know exactly how you feel, I have been in your shoes and felt the same way … but this is what I found;

It is these intense emotions, and very high brain momentum that are preventing your from managing to create a reality where you and him are back together.

Let me break it down, and explain that in a little more detail;

The Problem With Your Emotions:

After a break up, it is very natural and normal for anybody to experience a lot of painful emotions, intense resistance, and a feeling like a contraction in their body.

These feelings are so intense, that they are literally a force. It is these feelings that cause you to do stupid things.

You fear you will loose him forever, so the force of this fear is what causes you to text him, beg for him to take you back, drunk dial him … all those things that only push him further away.

Deep down you know that behavior does not reflect the women that you truly are.

It is the force of these emotions that are so strong, that cause you to do these things. They overwhelm you, they convince your mind that the actions you’re taking are the right thing to do.

You also focus on these intense feelings. Your focus and attention, is the what fuels these feelings even further. So they never get a chance to dissipate quickly, like they are supposed to naturally do.

This focus also creates a negative vibration in your being, and as a result you create an even more negative reality.

What you need to do, is accept that a break up is painful to your brain, allow it to throw its toys and get upset, but don’t get drawn into it. Don’t focus on what it is trying to tell you. Instead just focus on your breathing and being relaxed within your body.

You will find, that in a relatively short space of time, the intensity of the feelings will reduce to a point where they cease to have control over how you feel.

This is where you truly become a powerful creator!


The Problem With The Momentum Of Your Mind:

Because you’re focusing on all the sad, negative and scary thoughts that you have about the break up, you keep fueling those thoughts and making them worse.

Your brain will just create more neural connections, and create more thought patterns that will reinforce the ones you already have about the break up.

Then you’re at risk of having those thoughts become a reality!

This focus fuels the brain, and the momentum of your thinking gets stronger and stronger, to the point that your brain starts to overwhelm you.

Remove your focus from your thoughts.

Just like with your emotions, focus on your breathing, focus on being relaxed within your body, and allow your brain to think what it wants.

Just because your brain is thinking something, doesn’t mean its true! You don’t have to believe everything your brain is telling you.

It is just a machine that runs on programmed thought patterns and beliefs.

Eventually, just like your emotions, the brain momentum will start to die down. There will be a space between your thoughts that is calm, and feels something like pure happiness.

You will eventually have the awakening moment, that you’re not your brain, your actually much much more than that. You will see that your an incredibly powerful being, and your natural state is one of happiness, and should you so desire, you can manifest what you want.

This is where you realize you can be happy no matter what your external reality is like. You don’t need your ex boyfriend, or anybody to be happy.

Your happiness is no longer conditional on anyone or anything!

It is at this point, that you can truly go about manifesting a relationship again with your ex boyfriend.

You will have the clarity and emotional freedom to do what is required to get him back.

The Manifest Him Back Guide Book:

As I promised at the beginning of this article, I would introduce you to the book that women all around the world are using to create a fresh and exciting new relationship with their ex boyfriends.

The book is called Manifest Your Ex Back, by Amanda Walters.

This book will give a step by step guide for doing everything we have discussed on this page.

Amanda will show you how to become happy again. She will provide you with the ability quickly overcome and dissolve the intense emotions and thoughts your experiencing right now.

She will proved you with the right methods and techniques for getting the law of attraction to work in your favour, and bring him back into your arms.

The book gives you daily exercises, and a step by step plan to have success using the law of attraction to get your ex boyfriend back.

I must say though, the true power in this book, is getting you to a point of being happy within yourself again, bringing the best of you forward and out into the world, and rebuilding your confidence. At that point, you may not even desire to get back together with him, you may want something even better …

That is true power, and that is the moment when you are back in control of the situation with your ex!

Find out more about this interesting book by clicking the image or the link below.

Get Them Back

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